A few years ago, a bunch of people decided that they do not want to just watch how people work and live today. They saw, that most people landed in jobs, they do not really love, they live in a routined life-rhythm without really thinking about, if there are other possibilities of creating and organizing their lives and they saw that yesterday´s structures for economy and our society couldn´t solve the problems of tomorrow, not even of today.

They had a dream!

Together, they went on and founded the Dream Academia. Dream Academia is not a business model, it is neither an unincorporated association, nor a welfare institution and far away from a company. It is much more than all that. Dream Academia is spirit & inspiration! It is a platform, where talents and DreamA´s are invited and are allowed to talk about and work on their dreams to form innovative solutions for a better future life!

Dream Academia always tries to provide space, support, contacts, inspiration and whatever is needed to get new dreams going and to encourage people to live their dreams. No matter if it is the 9 year old book author, who dreams of publishing his written stories in a real book or the 71 year old inventor, who dreams about producing his own electric car in series! Dream Academia has an open ear for any big dreams and connects DreamAs with each other, because past showed, that they are encouraging theirselves and produce better innovations, when they stick together.

Dreamicon Valley? Just a dream?

Yes! Dreamicon Valley is a dream! A dream, which already came true. The first homebase of our first DreamAs a few years ago was found at the Austrian Hungarian border in CEE. The lots of free space of an old sugar factory surrounded by a High-Tech center and near to UNESCO-world heritage Neusiedler-lake and big cities like Vienna or Bratislava, they feeled, that this was the perfect place for dreaming.

Today Dreamicon Valley is a common word in the scene of innovators, young startups and dreamAs and we as officeworx are proud to be there, to work together with so many inspiring people from all over the world and to see good solutions growing! So go on! Become a DreamA! Allow yourself to dream the dreams you did not allowed so long to be spoken out.